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IAW 2018 Membership

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To maintain active International Academy of WingChun (IAW) Membership, all Members contribute an annual IAW Membership Fee.

IAW Member status gives you:
• Discounts on monthly WingChun tuition
• Discounts on special Combat, Escrima, Practician and Technician Classes
• Discounts on WingChun, S.A.T, and Instructor Seminars
• Discounts on Private Lessons with Sifu Paul Wang
• Access to Member-only occasions such as the annual Spring Camp
• Access to training at any International Academy of WingChun location worldwide
• Access to official certification and graduation in the IAW curriculum
• Access to professional WingChun Teacher Training Program

Your Membership Fee also helps us:
• Improve with useful content
• Publish a new IAW-US Student Handbook
• Produce our 10th Annual Spring Camp for Members
• Bring Grandmaster to the US Headquarters in April and October
• And more...

About Member Website

If you are a Non-Member and want to sign up for an Intro or become a Member, please click here.

As an IAW Member, log in to view your profile, pay your Annual Fee, register for Events and edit your account. 

Clicking on Home returns you to the main website of the International Academy of WingChun - United States. Feel free to contact us.

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Way of WingChun

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