Instructor Seminar Atlanta

If your passion for training ignites a love of teaching, then consider becoming a WingChun instructor. For over a decade, the IAW has taken pride in offering a comprehensive study of quality WingChun. Embark on a path to transmit this lineage as a hobby or profession.

Increase your conceptual clarity and physical precision to better communicate the theory and practice of WingChun as Self-Defense. Official certification as an Assistant Degree, Instructor I or II is available after fulfilling the training requirements below.

After attaining the Assistant Degree (and 9th Student Grade) you may start a WingChun Group. Achieving the Instructor Degree I (and 1st Technician Grade) allows you to lead an Academy of WingChun.

The curriculum is presented in 5-hour Instructor Seminars culminating in the Degree Exam with IAW Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand.

Assistant Degree
  • Prerequisite: 5th Student Grade
  • Curriculum: 1st to 2nd Student Grade
  • Requirement: 3 Instructor Seminars (15 Hours)

Instructor Degree I
  • Prerequisite: 8th Student Grade
  • Curriculum: 3rd to 5th Student Grade
  • Requirement: 6 Instructor Seminars (30 Hours)

Instructor Degree II
  • Prerequisite: Pre-Primary Grade
  • Curriculum: 6th to 9th Student Grade
  • Requirement: 9 Instructor Seminars (45 Hours)

September 17, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Academy of WingChun Atlanta
2145 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062 US
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Event Price: $50.00